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Witty banter thursdays

I have decided to make Thursdays the eve-related jokes day. Since Thursdays are close to the all important and magical Fridays (we all cherish them for some reason probably due to it being the weekend) that I feel we could do with a joke and a laugh. Jokes can be anything that is humourous. From witty dialogues, funny pictures to corny jokes. If you’d like yours posted, feel free to mail me I shall not be posting anything that is offensive, racial etc.. you get the idea.I shall kick off for today…

You know u play eve too much when u have a car accident and u get out and run before u get podded. – Hiwil

02:44:05 Notify Report of a criminal within this solar system: Jhagiti Tyran – We will ensure that law will be upheld in Minmatar space!
Ohnoes the rozzers are coming – Jhagiti Tyran

Feel the burn of my mighty MINING LASERS!!!
NO roid can tank me forever! – Num Numz

Khanid Helions > Lab – you generally get nuthing but form has a syndrome called lucky bastrdiatise meaning every drops for him and when he warps to a belt a faction spawn just happens to be there

[23:55:55] TinkerHell Forgon is a complete t**t
[23:55:56] TinkerHell agree?
[23:56:02] Meltan aye
[23:56:04] Forgon aye

Opal Triton > mortis gang in 57 now
Opal Triton > oops
Dr Kojak > now we have the advantage of knowing where we are

Jamier Legov > looks at the lack of targets, looks at he clock, looks at his schdule for tomorrow… “night all, have fun” :-)
Dwym > Is Jamier RP-ing RL?

[22:16:49] Haldeeman > treat your sec status like you would your personal appearance
[22:16:56] Haldeeman > let it slip its hard to get back :(


I have now got three entries for the for the best solo kill competition, remember you have until friday downtime to submit! Also, no video’s have come my way so if I don’t get any, the prize money will be rolled over.

I had a delivery today, very exciting! It’s my own label writer, now sitting proudly on my desk. Don’t get me wrong, we normally batch all the labels every day for the mail orders, this is just for emergencies – I doubt I’ll get to use it much.

Time to spare a thought for the guys in Australia. They’re having a tough time of it at the moment however special mention goes to Koalas/Kangaroo’s with Frikin’ Lazer Beams as, despite the odds, they are still online and have not been eaten by a crocodile. Their numbers have dwindled recently, due to the disaster, but they still remain strong.

And lastly, the Christmas EON sale is finishing soon. If you still like your back issues of EON (does not include issue #022) half price, then you have until the 16th January. Click here to order and use the code EONDEC1050 at checkout.



One thought on “Witty banter thursdays

  1. You know you’re a fiend for this game when you plan a vacation and setting “a long skill in your queue is part of your to-do list”.

    1. Briefcase
    2. Luggage
    3. Put hold on mail with postal service
    4. Set a BS skill to V so I can enjoy this vacation.

    Posted by JTDaBeast | January 13, 2011, 4:02 pm

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