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Best solo kill and video competition

I logged on this morning before I set off to work and was greeted with a private message from a corp mate saying “why are that Zapatero chaps posts well longer than yours. Get workin you lazy bum ;p”. So with that in mind, the challenge is set. I shall try and bore you lot a little more on a daily basis but I fear this may be a challenge too far – that man can write!

Yesterday evening we had a delivery for the new New Eden Poster, looks rather good I think. Although the Eve Store is still showing the old poster as for sale I assure you once your order is through, the new one will be sent to you. To put it this way, we don’t have any of the old ones left! For those of you who like to watch the pennies or like a good deal (how British of you) then the cheapest way is to buy the whole bundle. As with most things in life, bulk buying saves.

Just a note when putting orders through on the EVE Store. Make sure you double and triple check your address when filling in the form, it’s the most important piece of information to us and to the beleaguered postman. One digit wrong can cause your delivery to be delayed or worse, not delivered at all so be careful!

Yesterday, I set up a competition which will run on a weekly basis asking you to submit your solo killmails and video’s to me and the winner will be chosen every friday at downtime. Unfortunately, I have only received 1 killmail so far so that person is going to get the isk unless I get some more. Conditions of the killmail and/or video is that it has to be dated in the week period, for example the winner will be picked this Friday 14th January so the killmail and/or has to be in the period of after downtime last friday up to downtime this friday. Now I know 25mil isk each (one for killmail, one for video) isn’t that much but the EON bank isn’t exactly bulging nor do we give ourselves massive bonuses (something that British banks are prone to doing) and I have to be careful with the cashflow, plus I think you’ll appreciate the publicity – hopefully. Right, I think that’s enough waffle for now, get mailing!.



One thought on “Best solo kill and video competition

  1. It’s not the size that counts.

    Posted by Zapatero | January 12, 2011, 1:00 pm

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