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Bigger isn’t always better

Every monday night is roam night, yesterday was no exception. So off home I went and logged in about 19:30 EVE time thinking it’ll be a quick ship-up and off we go. Not the case. We had an unusual amount online and took a while to co-ordinate things, so about 45 minutes later we had 35 in gang and the flavour of the day was armor HACs. We decided to pay Syndicate a visit and see what’s there. Turned out it wasn’t a lot and most of the locals didn’t want to play although we managed one fight. Poor guys though, they were massively outnumbered but credit to them. We were hoping for an escalation where they might drop carriers but no such luck.

Whilst having a look at the forums, I noticed this fight, one I am most jealous of as a titan was sacrificed. I have yet to be on a titan killmail, hopefully that will be rectified in the future however this fight is the one I am most impressed with. As you can see, the opposition brought twice the numbers however due to the organisation of Pulsar Nebulah and the FC’s of Xvisha Mirkash, Woei1998 and Duhust, they shone through. Just goes to show you don’t always need superior numbers.

I have decided to give the end of the week post some spice. What I’m going to be judging on is the best solo kill and the best video of the week. The weekly prize (every friday) will be 25 million isk each to the winners from our EON warchest. If you feel yours is the winning entry, please send them to me at allen@mmmpublishing.com. I look forward to viewing the vids and killmails!



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