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Nebula screenies? Yes please!

It seems Zapatero has been busy over the weekend blogging away whilst I was house hunting. Of course, the noises of umm hum, mmmm, mmmhm, and that’s nice are only appropriate in these situations but there are some weird houses out there. I did see what resembled a slightly over-sized garden shed for around £300k! Some people have no idea how to value things and then there are some people who are just hopelessly in love with their own house which makes you wonder why they are selling in the first place.

As you may know, the new ISK Guide 3.0 is out on the 1st February for download, just 22 days away. Finishing touches are being applied and we do need more images. As inspired by the cleverest man in the world, Professor Brian Cox, we need shots of Nebula’s like the one below. Did you know he was a band member of the one hit wonder “Things can only get better” by D:Ream? However he moved on to better things and his program, Wonders of the Solar System, is fascinating.

Now this is a real one in the real universe I found by using google images but we need some from ingame. I’ll be travelling around on my account today snapping some but I’d be grateful if you could send me some to allen@mmmpublishing.com

Spent most of yesterday online on my main and had quite a few kills around my local low-sec area most noticeably a carrier! It started off engaging a small cruiser gang of roughly equal size, rare!, (we were 12 battleships, 2 battlecruisers and 1 force recon) who jumped in a carrier. Some managed to warp off but we held down the rest and their fate was ours. We like to mix up our gangs and are currently exploring the boundaries of roaming ships with some hilarious results, let’s see what tonight brings!



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