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The book of ISK: more, better, soon

Having just waved away the man from Royal Mail in his bright red van full of EON magazines (yes, the latest edition is away), we would at this time of the year usually be having a bit of a breather before thinking about what to put in the next magazine, due in April. Instead we find ourselves with just a few weeks to complete the biggest EVE project we’ve ever worked on. At more than 400 pages this project is a good deal weightier than a full year of EONs. Thankfully most of the work has already been done.

…Not by me I hasten to add. I refer instead to a couple of EVE players called Laci and Mermalior. They are the chaps behind ISK – the Industrial-Sized Knowledgebase, a huge compendium of EVE expertise and advice that’s been collected, written and designed over many months and years. Laci contacted us last year as he was working on Version 2.0 (the English translation – v1.0 was in Hungarian) in the hope that we might be able to publish a future edition of the guide. So we waited for its release, saw that it was good – very good – saw that CCP thought it was good too, then asked our friends in Iceland if they would be happy for us to get involved. They were and we are.

For the past couple of months we’ve been redesigning the ISK guide while Laci and his minions have been updating the words from v2.0. We still have a couple of weeks before we’re done, then a good few days of thorough checking and re-checking, by which time we should be ready to put it out there for everyone that wants it.

ISK 3.0 is scheduled to be released on 1st February, which isn’t as far away as we thought (gulp). We are calling this first release the “Lite Edition” because we are also planning a “Premium Edition” later on. We’re still shuffling things about, but ostensibly the Lite Edition will be a freely downloadable pdf more or less the same length as v2.0, but of course updated to reflect the changes brought about by the Incursion expansion. The Premium Edition will include a number of new and expanded sections, probably more than 150 extra pages in the main body of the guide, plus hundreds more in appendices (perhaps as many as 1,000 pages in total). This edition however will not be free. How much it’ll cost we haven’t quite worked out, but we hope to have both a digital and a print version. The digital Premium Edition will be available via the same platform as EON Digital and will of course be the cheaper option. The print Premium Edition will be very papery, heavy and probably quite expensive, depending on what stock we use. More expensive than your typical strategy guide anyway. Obviously we’ll let you know price and availability as soon as we’ve done some sums with our in-game calculators, after which you can expect a pre-order facility to go up on the EVE Store – hopefully around Fanfest time. We don’t have any plans to offer a print option for the “Lite Edition”.

Since its release more than 30,000 have relied on the ISK guide to help them fathom the complexities of EVE and New Eden. We’re hoping to get that up to 300,000 in a few weeks with v3.0. We believe it’s the strategy guide EVE players have been crying out for since 2003. I know because I am one of those who bought the previous one.

More details as we have them.




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