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Resolutions, resolutions

It’s the first day back at work and my mind is refusing to cooperate and get into gear, so in an effort to force my head into official EVE-shape I’ve been pondering resolutions. Y’know, those half thought through promises you make to yourself around this time of year that get conveniently forgotten within a week. Lose weight, drink less, see if the Wii still works – those kinds of things.

I’m not usually one for resolutions, certainly not those driven more by post-Christmas guilt and austerity rather than a genuine intent to change questionable habits, but given the significance of what 2011 will bring in terms of EVE loveliness, just this once I shall indulge in the spirit of commitment.

Top of the list is to continue with regular blog posts. For months this site languished while we tried to figure out how best to create a new EON website, before realising all we needed to do was actually use the one we had. Thanks to the efforts of new guy Dogma I’m compelled to at least try to keep up with his post count, which means that between us we should be able to throw up a new batch of words a few times each week. A few times a day would be nice, but I suspect we’d need to draft in a few others to help out.

One comparatively insignificant idea I’d like to pursue (and this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a year or so) is to set up some kind of “image bank” for EVE, where you guys can upload tagged EVE screenshots for us to use in the magazine. They would of course be screenshots of anything, from ships skimming past planets, to full-on fleet battles. We would stockpile them all and if we needed a particular shot for something, say a pod of freighters bouncing off each other outside Jita 4-4, we could search through the tags, pick what we needed from the ever-increasing number of submissions and pay the contributor a suitable wedge of ISK for their efforts. Not a huge amount, sadly, but enough to make it worthwhile. I’m supposing Flickr would be the best platform, or maybe the Box.net WordPress widget, but if anyone has any ideas I’d be happy to hear them.

Finally I want to try to convince CCP to allow us to publish a special edition of the magazine that features only new chronicles. We tried a couple of years ago and it looked likely to happen after we’d managed to collect enough good stories, but we came unstuck when we realised how many pieces of art we were going to need. It’s going to take some clever coercion to get CCP on board with the idea again, but I have a cunning plan that just might work this time, although I should perhaps plan this in for 2012 instead.

Oh, and I should probably play more EVE. You know you’ve been away too long when you can’t even remember what region you’re parked in. (Catch, I think)



One thought on “Resolutions, resolutions

  1. I think a compilation of the Chronicles would be a grand idea for a special edition. Perhaps they could be focused on current events, e.g. I’d like all to see all the lore surrounding Sanshas in one place. That would be quite interesting to read right about now. Good luck.

    Posted by Latrodanes | January 5, 2011, 12:52 am

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