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Pre-order issue #022!

I hope you all had a good Christmas and new year, I certainly enjoyed the break and spent most of my time in low sec and 0.0 raking up the kills, my battleclinic ranking has shot up significantly as a result.

I know some of you are a little disappointed that the Maller Christmas decoration doesn’t actually exist, I couldn’t quite believe the demand we got for it, perhaps it’s something we should look at this year.

Now on to exciting news, you can now pre-order issue #022 from the Eve Store in which we shall be stuffing into envelopes on Thursday – can’t wait! For those of you who are subscribers, you get an extra treat, the long awaited Minmatar Cruiser Poster which comes with the issue, it’s only the folded version but you can buy the rolled version separately to complete your collection. Sometime in the not too distant future, we plan to take a day out of the office to discuss re-designing the magazine and introduce some new features (perhaps!) so if you’d like to be part of the revolution mail me with your thoughts. Alternatively, you can subscribe and see the transition from old to new. On a side note, if you do subscribe now, you’ll get the free folded Minmatar Cruiser Poster.

Now go on and order and let me suffer for the next week packing them off for you!




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