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EON #022 arriving in the new year

The next edition of EON magazine is written, designed and approved and is currently in line to be printed over the holidays. When we get back in the new year, a truck full of magazines wlll be waiting for us and a lengthy period of frenzied envelope-stuffing will ensue.

Full details of what’s in the magazine can be found here and of course the mag can be ordered from the EVE Store (single issue orders can be made from the 1st January, although if you want to subscribe from #22 you can do that now. Obviously if you’re in the midst of a subscription all you have to do is wait).

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank a few people, not least of course the contributors who have helped write and design so much of what you’ll soon be reading:

New to the magazine is fiction writer Kalin Ringkvist (author of Against a Rock – which I shall be reading over Christmas, assuming Mrs. Zap has bought me a Kindle). I would suggest his story “The Atrocity Planners” is one of the darkest we’ve had for some time, but as we always tend to have dark stories in EON, I’ll just say that it’s probably not one you’d want to read to the little ones in the hope of getting them to sleep.

I’d also like to single out Angus McDecoy (of Fly Reckless fame) for researching and writing up an excellent feature on Sansha’s Nation. So impressed was I that I asked him to delve into the history of another pirate /empire faction for the next issue of EON.

On the design side, Rixx Javix has been drafted in as a kind of freelance ad designer. He came up with four excellent designs this issue, all of which we used. (Eve Uni were particularly pleased with theirs.) If you were needing an ad designed for a future edition of the magazine, or even just a modest forum banner, you could do a lot worse than get in touch.

I’d like to thank FinnAgain for pulling a double shift and writing a Band of Brothers history on top of his usual duties in reporting what’s been happening out in nullsec over the last three months. “Rise & Fall” is going to be a new section in the magazine, detailing how some of EVE’s best-known alliances got started, before detailing how they departed. It made sense to start with the once-mighty BoB. Apparently they used to be quite big back in the day.

Last but by no means least I’d like to thank this lot, without whom this issue of the magazine would likely be not as good as it has ended up: Kirith Kodachi for another great Testflight, Cailais for turning around a piece within 24 hours, Mandrill for writing up a detailed guide to Reykjavik, and all our willing profile victims: IEGEX, Huzzah Federation, Estel Arador, Val Erian, Ben Shepherd, CCP Tyr and CCP Xhagen. Oh, and some guy called Winterblink.

Enjoy the issue!




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