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Update from HQ

Just a short post to give you all a little update in what’s happening here at EON HQ. As all of you are winding down in your respected jobs and getting ready to enjoy the festive period, things here are heating up.

Firstly and most importantly, Issue 22 is being released on the 7th January and there is still a few tweaks and images needed which I’m asking my corp mates to help out on. They love nothing better than posing in their best ‘shinies’!

Spent last night applying all the lovely skillpoints CCP has given us. I had two characters that had max learning SP so 5.3mil on each – lovely! One’s PvP so that was easy, maxed all armor hardeners, shield hardeners and all race battleships maxed mainly. The other one is a carebear account (basically fetches me ships) so I transformed it to be able to probe aswell :)

It’s not too late to order yourself your own christmas treat (50% off all EON issues using code EONDEC1050) for those of you in the UK, however I would get ordering sooner rather than later before the UK comes to a standstill again – snow threatens! I’m afraid the deadline for the international post has been and gone so I wouldn’t get your hopes up in receiving EON before Christmas.

And finally an update on the Facebook/Twitter incentive. Numbers have gone up dramatically but no-where near the amount I was hoping for, just think of all those people in game missing out! Just click ‘like’ and ‘follow’ respectively to be in the chance to win a set of posters, EVE Strategic Maps and issue 21.

That’s all so far




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