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and the winner is…..

I’ve had a really good response in how you would spend you skillpoints and I can announce the winner being Lucienn FierAquitaine. I know the skills he listed aren’t in the game but credit goes to the imagination and thought that went into it. I shall transfer the isk to you once the servers are up. Here’s the winning post.

What to do with all the new skill points? Very easy, and just in time to combat the creepy hordes of Sansha Nation battleships with holiday cheer.

I will be researching:

Small Xeno Dessert Delivery Systems V
Medium Xeno Dessert Delivery Systems V
Shield Manipulation – Culinary Penetration III
Jury Rigging – Tractor Beam: Confection Delivery Systems I
Concoctions III
Sugar Mining II
Sugar Refining II
Very Small Laser Turret IV

Before battle, the Sansha Nation ships always circle the sun of the system they are fighting in. This is because their hulls are designed to scoop up solar energy (thus their peculiar color). As a result, they are literally glowing with heat when you see them. This source of energy is normally wasted in simple puffery, so I intend to do what many have tried before.
Tried and died.
But I will succeed where they have failed.

You’ve guessed it by now, I’m sure: Sansha Santa Nation marshmallow skewers for Christmas!

Lucienn FierAquitaine
The Scope



2 thoughts on “and the winner is…..

  1. Props to Lucienn for the Dune reference

    Posted by Cupp221 | December 15, 2010, 3:07 pm


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