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How will you spend yours?

As most of you are aware, another patch is being deployed tomorrow with the most significant feature being the removal of all learning skills. Which means potentially upto 5.2 ish million skillpoints to re-distribute! I have two characters, one PvP and one carebear. PvP one I can re-distribute 10 times over, just a question of which ones are a priority however the PvE one.. I don’t know.

How are you intending to spend yours? Best answer wins 25mil isk out of my own account. You have until downtime tomorrow (Wednesday 15th December as CCP has posponed the patch date) to submit. Don’t forget to include your character name in your response.

Facebook members have almost doubled since last week which is encouraging but there is still time to click and win!




10 thoughts on “How will you spend yours?

  1. I was torn between the logical path of spending the points on skills that would otherwise require me to respec in order to learn them at an optimum rate or going for shiny new ships by tidying up some of those pesky outstanding level Vs.

    Although not set in stone, the current plan is to insta-train for an Orca (something I would otherwise never be able to justify the time to do), hone my drone skills and squeeze in the slower of my Subsystem V skills. Any remaining points will either go into Navigation or Electronics.

    This of course is all subject to change as soon as someone posts a much better idea that I will shamelessly copy.

    Posted by Seismic Stan | December 14, 2010, 12:09 pm
  2. PvP Main: Cynos V (because otherwise I’ll never do it) and Dictor skills because the Sabre is made of win.

    PvE Main: Salvaging V, ORE Industrial V. Wormhole Noctis MNR monster FTW.

    3rd Account Main: Caldari BS V to progress the Black Ops training plan.

    Posted by blackhuey | December 14, 2010, 1:05 pm
  3. I’ll be putting skill points into all of the level 3 skills which I will never use but my OCD requires me to get to level 4. There are 15 of them, but will only eat up about 500K skill points, then every skill will be at 4 or 5.

    The other 3.5mill SP will be put into Logistics for the “Greater Good”. Which will be:

    Logistics V
    Shield Emmision Systems V
    Remote Armor Repair V
    and whats left into Repair Drone Operation.

    Pretty boring, but logistics pilots are taken care of by the corp so I’ll never have to pay for a fleet ship again.

    Posted by Xikuan | December 14, 2010, 1:21 pm
  4. There’s the obvious one of putting them into normally slow skills but that doesn’t seem very satisfying. I was thinking save them and spend them a bit at a time on skills you really can’t wait to finish or maybe a newly released skill. It’s no lt as efficient but probably more interesting and this is after all a game


    Posted by Jimqi101 | December 14, 2010, 2:29 pm
  5. Now I’ve decided. Interceptors V. I fly these more than any other ship but there always seem to be more pressing demands on my training time. This isn’t something that I’d otherwise bother with so seems an appropriate use of the points. Any I have left will go on Energy Management to get it close to level V as well. That last 5% cap could be the difference between life or death.

    Posted by Baa | December 14, 2010, 2:57 pm
  6. Cupp221 – I’m going to use them to finish Large Projectile V and train up to Large Projectile Specialization IV. I wanna get that sweet T2 alphastrike goodness. Any points left over I’m going to put towards Drone Interfacing V so I can fly a carrier soon.

    Posted by Cupp221 | December 14, 2010, 4:14 pm
  7. Finish Heavy Fighter Drones V for Wasp II goodness

    Finish Industry V goodness for Buzzard goodness

    Finish Weapon Upgrades V so I can finally put 7 T2 missile launchers on my Drake

    I am wondering about Target Painting, is worth it to have a Target Painter II, who knows..


    Posted by Sonjaa VII | December 14, 2010, 4:55 pm
  8. 2.5 years as an industrialist carebear and not even a billion ISK in the bank to show for it. I’ll be preparing for a change of profession! Over 130 days of training available over night. Life is good!

    1. Rapid Firing V
    2. Motion Prediction V
    3. Sharpshooter V
    4. Surgical Strike I
    5. Surgical Strike II
    6. Surgical Strike III
    7. Trajectory Analysis I
    8. Trajectory Analysis II
    9. Trajectory Analysis III
    10. Trajectory Analysis IV
    11. Recon Ships I
    12. Recon Ships II
    13. Recon Ships III
    14. Small Railgun Specialization I
    15. Small Railgun Specialization II
    16. Small Railgun Specialization III
    17. Small Railgun Specialization IV
    18. Medium Railgun Specialization I
    19. Medium Railgun Specialization II
    20. Medium Railgun Specialization III
    21. Medium Railgun Specialization IV
    22. Large Hybrid Turret V
    23. Large Blaster Specialization I
    24. Large Blaster Specialization II
    25. Large Blaster Specialization III
    26. Large Blaster Specialization IV
    27. Large Railgun Specialization I
    28. Large Railgun Specialization II
    29. Large Railgun Specialization III
    30. Large Railgun Specialization IV
    31. Missile Launcher Operation IV
    32. Missile Launcher Operation V
    33. Target Navigation Prediction IV
    34. Rapid Launch IV
    35. Rockets III
    36. Rockets IV
    37. Standard Missiles IV
    38. Heavy Missiles IV
    39. Heavy Assault Missiles III
    40. Heavy Assault Missiles IV
    41. Torpedoes I
    42. Torpedoes II
    43. Torpedoes III
    44. Torpedoes IV
    45. Cruise Missiles I
    46. Cruise Missiles II
    47. Cruise Missiles III
    48. Cruise Missiles IV
    49. Drone Durability IV
    50. Drone Interfacing V
    51. Electronic Warfare IV
    52. Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing I
    53. Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing II
    54. Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing III
    55. Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing IV

    Total time: 134 days, 14 hours, 17 minutes, 37 seconds

    Posted by Mabrick | December 14, 2010, 7:44 pm
  9. Advanced Weapon Upgrade V
    Trajectory Analysis V
    Thermodynamics V
    Acceleration Control V

    Generic skill. good for all types of ships

    Posted by Otto vonKerpen | December 14, 2010, 11:42 pm


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