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Flying reckless

I’ve been flying reckless (or rather, my pre-Zapatero mining alt has). Literally just minutes ago I heard an almighty woo-oop, woo-oop coming from my speakers. It took a couple of seconds for me to realise that I was being targeted. If I was being targeted, I reasoned, it meant that I was in danger of loosing my ship. It meant, more worryingly, that I’d forgotten to log out, probably before being called for dinner. Thankfully I managed to warp off and dock and no harm was done. It was a 0.8 system and my Armageddon wasn’t likely to be taken down by an assault ship in a hurry. That said, had I not been in the room, it could have been a little annoying to find my pride and joy (don’t laugh, it’s my favourite battleship) scattered to the solar winds with only a frozen corpse marking its final resting place.

But I digress. The reason for this post was to point you to episode 48 of the always entertaining Fly Reckless podcast. It came out over a week ago but I only got around to listening to it over the weekend. The reason I took so long to catch up was because I was interviewed for a section of the show and, well, like most people, I’m not too enamoured with the sound of my own voice. Thankfully it seems to have come out pretty good, although some very close editing makes my voice sound like it’s come from a text-to-speech app rather than from human vocal cords. I’d had a glass or two of wine that night though. Maybe that’s exactly how I sound when lightly oiled.

My belated thanks to the Fly Reckless crew for setting the whole thing up. I had a fine ol’ natter with the host Angus McDecoy. I think I may have been a bit too premature about some of the details regarding EON Digital, but it was all correct at time of going to press – so to speak. Anyway, best of all is that I managed to recruit Angus into writing a feature for the next issue of the magazine. He’s a damn fine writer. He knows his Sansha onions!



2 thoughts on “Flying reckless

  1. Nobody likes the sound of their own voice. Even after you called me out saying I had voice like “milk and cookies” I thought you were a bit nuts.

    It really wasn’t bad at all.

    Posted by Silicon Buddha | December 5, 2010, 11:51 pm
  2. Thanks for the kind words, there. We all appreciated your taking the time to do the interview.

    Sorry about the editing, guess I’m rusty. One minor clarification, though, I’m just a flying monkey for Chad. Never a good idea to upstage the boss.

    Looking forward to the next EON.

    Posted by Angus McDecoy | December 6, 2010, 1:04 am

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