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The blog is back!

Lots of faffing about has being going on behind the scenes here at Outpost EON, mostly on trying to develop a dedicated EON website. A few weeks ago it was almost ready to go, but it lacked a certain something and we went back to doing paper-based work and more faffing. Trouble was, the more we faffed, the more we realised the trusty old blog already did everything we pretty much wanted the new site to do. So we stopped faffing, and here we are again, back where we started.

In the meanwhile we haven’t totally shirked our online duties. We’ve prodded and poked a few things onto our Facebook page and Twitter, rolled out a couple of new issues of the magazine and taken on a couple of new projects (more on those later). Pertinently, we’ve taken on a new chap to make sure we do better at all the digital stuff. His name is EON Dogma, but we call him Allen. Feel free to knock him up in-game and tell him to make us all cups of tea more often.

The plan going forward is to faff less and tweak this site more. You’ll notice lots of the stuff up top needs updating. To the right we probably have a few dead links and we need to make things look a bit more tidy about the place too, for which we probably need to get the CSS manuals out again.




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