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fleet issues

Currently we have E-ON as an in-game corp. You may have looked it up. If you have, you’ll know it’s not much more than an administrative shell, used to receive advertising ISK and pay out the writers for their efforts. However, I’ve been wondering recently if it should be something more than just a vessel for channeling EVE monies.

Should there be a corporation for readers of E-ON, and if so, what might it get up to? Maybe a  corp of role-playing alt-reporters, or maybe  fun-loving slackers? Being nasty would of course be counter-productive, but I’d be genuinely interested in reading any suggestions on the matter, or whether E-ON should just stay in the shadows, processing payments.



3 thoughts on “fleet issues

  1. Get your Corp blue with all major 0.0 players, and “imbed” reporters in major fleet ops to observe and document the action! You could develop a website, add FRAPS videos of major conflicts, and interview FCs about the battles. I am thinking ESPN for pod pilots!

    Posted by Jaggins | February 5, 2010, 9:47 pm
  2. Now there’s an interesting idea. I’d like to see such a thing include both news reporting on player conflicts and serve as sort of an unofficial “ISD Mercury”, extending bits and pieces of the lore. RP without the drama, in a sense.

    This would get even more interesting if you structured it as an alliance (I think you already have one?) so that corps could join directly and thus keep the ability to do all the things that EVE allows for corps (hangars, POSs, etc.) Maybe solo-style corps only? I dunno, but the idea really interests me.

    Posted by Casiella Truza | February 7, 2010, 6:56 pm
  3. Maybe this is something that requires further thought. Back in my EveTV days we had alts able to fly quickly into warzones, but we didn’t have the resources to make proper use of the idea. I’m not sure that we do now.

    Posted by Zapatero | February 8, 2010, 6:13 am

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