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For reasons I am about to go into, Postcards from the Edge is one of my favourite sections in EON magazine. It’s easy to ask players to send us screens of their EVE experience, some might say it’s a lazy way to fill pages, but there’s something rather wonderful about seeing and reading what people get up to beyond the power, corruption and lies of null-sec, or the nonsense and drama that often follow.

Just a simple image of a ship passing through the orbit of an anonymous planet can be the beginning of a wonderfully engaging tale if we know who owns the ship and where they are. It’s possible to create a wealth of fiction from the flimsiest of scenes because the emerging story is often not about the ship or the planet, but the faceless pilot and what they are doing.

Now this is a nice image. It’s a good composition, its well framed and very colourful. It was sent by Seraphim Risen in response to my call for Dominion screenshots just before Christmas. On its own it doesn’t really tell us anything of course, so had there not been a few extra details in the email the image would likely not have made in into the lastest issue:

“My character was scanning for plexes to decontest the system of Dal for the Minmatar Republic when she encountered a magmatic planet, basking her Rifter in its deep red glows.”

This information adds a wealth of  potential to the scene that’s immediately inspiring. Is the pilot taking a time-out from the drudgery of scanning, or are they being pursued by enemy forces.  “Basking her Rifter…” is an evocative line, one that perhaps revealed a new-found love for the game thanks to the new planet textures. Taking all this on board I excitedly wrote the following in about 30 seconds…

Dal (Heimatar)

While scanning for complexes in a system contested by Republic and Imperial militias, a pilot encounters a violent magmatic planet from which tongues of fire seem able to lasso her tiny frigate at any moment. The forces of nature are an insignificant threat however, compared to that posed by Crusade patrols and response fleets that sweep the constellation.

Apart from being able to indulge myself in writing what are almost micro-chronicles (or pretentious drivel, depending on your view), what I enjoy most about the process of receiving screenshots is that I get to appreciate the depth of play that goes on every single day in EVE, in every single system and across every region. These are moments that pass undocumented and unrecorded, ones that might seem mundane compared to the epic battles between monolithic alliances, but that is what makes them all the more interesting. I only wish we had the time and space to publish all the ones we get each issue.



One thought on “behind the postcards

  1. I do love the postcards section behind EON, keep it up :)

    Posted by Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" | January 25, 2010, 10:51 pm

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