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blood on the sheets

Last week the EON presses starting rolling – a little later than usual due to Fanfest appearing earlier in the calender. We’d originally planned to have the issue on sale at Fanfest as it seemed that publication dates and the big Iceland meet were meant for each other, but it became abundantly clear a few weeks ago that such a feat wasn’t possible due to CCP devs being busy writing their presentations and myself embroiled in wedding arrangements. In the end it worked out for the best, as it meant the last few days of frantic writing and editing weren’t as fraught as we’d become accustomed to and I could enjoy my honeymoon in relative peace in a very hot country as opposed to a very cold one.

Lot’s of people to thank this issue; CCP Shanghai for creating a blood-soaked cover image that is a little different to those we’ve run in the past, Static Zero for agreeing to snap Fanfest for our Dust feature, LaVista Vista for his insights into EVE’s credit crunch and to the EON Fiction Gang for getting stuck into some new scenarios.

The issue should be up on sale in the EVE Store soon, and I will of course get full details up here over the coming few days.



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