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a forgotten view of eve

You would think that being interviewed for a TV show, even one aired online, would be something you wouldn’t forget in a hurry. In this case I had completely dumped all memory about a show I was asked to be a small part of for Joost a couple of summers ago, back when I was also heavily involved with EVE TV.

Called “Around The Net In 20 Games”, the series was simply a bunch of games journos yabbering on about their favourite interactive vices (it didn’t involve any net navigation). I had expressed an enduring love for a game called Total Annihilation and was invited along to an East London studio to justify my appreciation before a man with a camera and a presenter with impossibly white teeth. When I arrived and announced I also quite liked a game called EVE, I was interviewed about that as well.

(Watch: Around the Net in 20 Games: EVE Online / Total Annihilation)

As I say, I’d totally forgotten about the interviews and hadn’t even seen the shows until receiving an email this evening saying that Joost.com was now browser-viewable. With my memory pricked I decided to seek them out. I’m glad I did. …You may not, since to view them you need to register. However, they are fairly interesting, if only to see an unusually animated Zapatero with long hair and a view of EVE that seems quiant and outdated. How quickly things change… EVE I mean, not my view of it :)


2 thoughts on “a forgotten view of eve

  1. Niiiiiice hair! And the interview wasn’t that bad either.

    Posted by rocwieler | October 16, 2008, 12:52 pm
  2. I started watching this yesterday afternoon, but had to go out so I didn’t get to finish watching it. Now I surely will!!!

    Posted by Crazykinux | October 16, 2008, 2:26 pm

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