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After letting things fall into wrack and ruin on this blog for far too long, I’ve at last managed to update a few things about the place. I’ve put up details of the latest issue (which is about to be sent out), updated the back issues accordingly, added a few names to the About Us section and gone over the advertising side of things.

It’s worth pointing out here that whilst fundamentals of advertising in EON won’t be changing, those keen to promote themselves or others should be aware that there has been a clamp down on ads that go to CCP for inclusion as splash screens: Basically, there can be no hyper-linking or any mention of a URL in these ads in future, even if the service being promoted is for a service that is purely in-game. It’s a move that is unfortunate but totally understandable. On the one hand some sites have started realising the commercial potential for EON ads (a 250,000 captive audience is a good market, especially if the ad cost nothing to air), and pimping out of game services that CCP have no control over – especially commercial ones, is not something this service was ever intended for. On the other hand these sites potentially take people away from playing EVE, which is never a good thing.

Basically, while we are happy to publish ads in the magazine for anything and everything related to EVE, until further notice only ads specific to alliances, corporations and in-game services offered directly by players will be allowed to air as splash screens. Websites and third-party applications may of course advertise with EON, but their ads will only be accepted for inclusion in print. I’m sure there are grey areas, so if anyone has any questions, feel free to get in touch.



One thought on “updates and changes

  1. Great update to the blog mate! Now post, post, post!!!

    Posted by Crazykinux | October 3, 2008, 4:00 pm

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