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award winners announced (again)

Since most people have now received their copies of EON#011 I will just list the winners of the recent EON Awards, as voted for by the EVE community back in February. These were of course the second annual awards, and, as with last year, the Goons have collectively won the lion’s share. Some have complained that they have done so due to sheer weight of numbers rather than out of merit, which is certainly half true – logically so, given these are decided by a public vote and GoonSwarm are the largest player-entity in the game. That said, the number of total votes cast was significantly lower than the GoonSwarm membership, so it wouldn’t have taken much effort at all to have rolled them over. Congratulations to the Goons I say for mobilizing their drones. And congratulations too for their achievements during 2007. The bees done good. Also a few hearty slaps on the back at last for Verone, who wins his first award after having so many nominations across both years, and to Chribba, who is EVE’s pin-up boy for the second year in a row.

  • Forum Warrior: HIPPOKING
  • Corp / Alliance site: WWW.GOONFLEET.COM
  • Filmmaker of the Year: STAHLREGEN
  • Fiction Writer of the Year: VERONE
  • Guide Writer of the Year: AGONY UNLEASHED
  • Community Service Award: EVEMON
  • Fansite: WWW.EVE-FILES.COM
  • Leader / CEO of the Year: SESFAN QU’LAH
  • Most Promising Newcomer: PANDEMIC LEGION
  • Alliance of the Year: GOONSWARM
  • Corporation of the Year: GOONFLEET
  • Player of the Year: KIATOLON

Congratulations and thanks again to all the winners for making EVE just about the most interesting and engrossing alternate reality in existence, as well to all the nominees, plus all those who voted online, offered nominations in Iceland and attended the Award meets in Philadelphia and London (what an international bunch we all are).

As for the laser-etched trophies, they are currently being made up and as soon as they arrive in the office, I will be contacting the winners in-game to get their details so we can mail the things out. They are impressive things to behold (and damn heavy too). Before next year we need to think up a name for them. Given that they have a little EVE guy sitting in a pre-Trinity pod, maybe we should call them the Adams? EVE… Adam… geddit? Ok, bad idea.

Final note: The awards procedure will change a bit more drastically for the third awards, but I’ll reveal that another time. For now, let’s allow the winners bask in their well-deserved glory!



One thought on “award winners announced (again)

  1. Hmmm, that pic looks like an ultrasound – so much for trying to be arty

    Posted by Zapatero | April 24, 2008, 3:21 pm

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