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It’s not often on the EVE forums that you find a thread that is both entertaining and informative, but the person behind EVE character jna has provided one, purely, he protests, out of an act of scholarly “nerd rage”.

Being someone who clearly managed to stay awake during his latin classes, and someone who has enjoyed delving headlong into the language upon which the Western world was built, jna was mildly irked enough by EVE corp and alliances who had adopted cool-sounding latin names (because lingua latina is very cool in EVE, of course) that he’s been compelled to disassemble them, showing them up to be the poor auto-online translations that most of them are. Of Morsus Mihi, a distinguished and revered EVE alliance, he argues that instead of meaning ‘Bite Me’; “sort-of means “A Bite. To Me.”

Of course it’s no massive blow to collective alliance ego that Atrum Tempestas Foedus should actually be Foedus Atrum Tempestatis, and thankfully no-one has taken jna’s pedantry as any kind of slur, but a few have reverted to defendus modus role-playus (I hope I got that right) to excuse their lack of scholarly latin insight with the ‘fact’ that New Eden is many light years distant from the present and that precise latin usage has changed somewhat in the years since humanity’s final migration to the stars. Good recovery, say I.

Anyway, it’s a great read, one that will help you to feel slightly smug about yourself for having chosen a name in English (or Klingon, etc) that was guided helpfully by one of those spell-checker things… or that you’re not a member of the alliance now called ‘Little Mist’. Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to play Europa Universalis Rome… which in actual fact I do, although I can’t help wondering if the name is spot on, given that it’s just series of geographic locations. jna…? You there?



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