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baby i’m a star

After my supporting role as “Bob” on the WDA podcast last week, I seem to be getting all the big roles. Out now is the latest Witty Ranter podcast, where I was kindly asked to join a panel of professionals to chat about forums and other interactions between MMO developers and their respective communities. Alongside me were the great and the good from the likes of NetDevil (Jumpage Evolution, LEGO Universe),  SOE (EQ, PlanetSide, SWG) and Massively, with me as the unofficial EVE representative. Sadly my connection during the discussion wasn’t the best, which meant that whenever I said anything, Skype freaked out and I ended up having  no idea how the others responded to my inane comments. Still, it’s a step closer to immotaility. (For the record, mine was the only English accent.)



One thought on “baby i’m a star

  1. You’ve been a star for quite some time buddy! Issue 001 of EON rings a bell?

    Posted by Crazykinux | April 12, 2008, 12:01 pm

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