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turn left at jita

For a while now CCP have been engaged in “other projects” that we at EON towers have been refused permission to even talk about. To a certain extent such blanket refusal to even allow us to put the words ‘darkness’, ‘world’ and ‘of’ in any way that might suggest CCP don’t have their eye fully on the here and now of New Eden is fair enough. EON is an EVE magazine after all. However we can’t help but assume a position of smug superiority in proclaiming we’ve been involved in a few “other projects” of our own, ones that extend beyond the temporary stewardship of EVE TV Weekly.

Actually the first of these projects came about through EVE TV, when Serenity Steele popped over to London be a guest on the weekly show, bringing a prototype copy of his EVE Strategic Maps book with him. So impressed were we that we would have published it right there and then had we the resources to devote to it. Fast forward a few months and those resources have become available and after more than two years in development, the book is now on sale.

Of course I am rather biased so I won’t tell you how great I think EVE Strategic Maps is, but I would like to praise SS for his patience and determination at seeing the project through. A lot of effort has gone into the design of the book in trying to reinterpret EVE’s in-game 3D mesh for the printed page. When you think about the number of systems, all the links between them, plus stations, complexes, ice fields and rocks, it really is a triumph of style and function that the book is so easy to decipher. In fact I’d rate it up there with the London Underground map, but hey, I am biased.



One thought on “turn left at jita

  1. Just ordered mine!

    Posted by Crazykinux | April 12, 2008, 12:01 pm

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