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It appears the EVE TV crew has returned from the broadcast of the 5th Alliance Tournament, after what was by all accounts a successful two weeks of camera-poking fun, culminating in what was without doubt the most exciting final in tournament history. Despite missing most of the broadcast due to family and football commitments, I did manage to tune in for the very last match and witness the tense showdown between Ev0ke and Triumvirate.

Witnessing a classic final leads me to think I may have missed a classic tournament, and whilst I’ve tried to catch up on what was missed by way of the replays that have been posted online, there seems something altogether more magical in watching everything progress live. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that the matches are online (I was there during the 4th Tournament helping to upload and organize the replays), but I’m sure that there are some who missed the live stream because, like me, they had “better things to do”, with hopes that viewing the replays would make amends. I’ve since come to realize that EVE TV coverage of gang warfare between alliances is, like football, a dish best served live. They say you only fully realize what you’ve missed when it’s gone and that is the exact case here.

On the plus side, Pompey being in the semi-final of the FA Cup is not something I would have wanted to miss either. I only hope Tournament VI doesn’t clash with any of Portsmouth’s Champions League matches come next season. (Chance would be a fine thing.)



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