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the 1.0 experiment, anyone?

Many I’m sure have fond memories of the “0.0 Experiment” by EVE player Innominate Nightmare (I must resist the full-caps version of his name as I have a headache this morning): It was, over the course of a few months, the consistently lively journal of an unknown character as he tried to explore the murky backwaters of civilized space, gradually making himself more well-known by shining his indomitable wit into the gloom and discovering it’s even murkier out there than some of us had suspected. If you missed his superbly-crafted musings, I suggest you go and read through them over the course of a few days (it’s a fine coffee-break read if nothing else). Among the dozens of diary entries there is much to learn about how 0.0 space works, how much of the time it just doesn’t, and, whilst many of the alliances mentioned within are no longer active, the activities of their successors are much the same.

So I was wondering, since there has been a recent “official” tribute to the works of the dearly-departed Inno, whether it was time for someone to become properly inspired by his endeavors: Not to jump in a shuttle and go exploring nullsec – since it’s kinda been done already and unlikely to be done much better – but rather for someone to sit in a station and try to earn a few billion by trading, fleecing, begging and betting. The “1.0 Experiment“, if you will. Just a thought.



4 thoughts on “the 1.0 experiment, anyone?

  1. An interesting thought. I had not heard about the 0.0 experiment, but will read it over during the next few days. Will see if anyone responds to some test loafing about.

    Posted by Brooks | February 13, 2008, 10:49 pm
  2. I did not hear about the 0.0 experiment either, but I’ve heard about the ‘Vagabond in space’ adventure, which was similar to Innominate’s one. It’s worth checking out anyway.
    Back to the topic, there were some attempts to do this on a smaller scale in the past, for example doing 100 million isk in one week with a starting capital of just 10 million, but it wasn’t carried out or if it was, it didn’t have so much success.
    I think such an experiment would have some degree of success, but it would require massive amounts of time and after a while it would become boring. But it’s worth trying anyway . . .

    Posted by Alex | February 14, 2008, 1:15 pm
  3. Part of the point of Inno’s original experiment, I think, was just to meet people. Part of the fun was discovering how zealously people guarded their space and how they viewed their neighbors. In that regard, a 1.0 xp would be just as enlightening, though the writer would justifiably tire of sitting in the same system – maybe we’d allow them to visit other 1.0 systems :)

    Posted by Zapatero | February 14, 2008, 2:01 pm
  4. I’m about halfway done with the 0.0 experiment’s blogs, good reading. Still trying to come up with a full idea similar, yet wholly different scenario.

    Posted by Brooks | February 14, 2008, 5:32 pm

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